Documentary -The Electricity Watch – Documentaries- Documentaire 2016

In horology the term The Electric Watch is used for the first generation electrically-powered wristwatches which were first publicly displayed by both Elgin National Watch Company and LIP on the 19th of March 1952 with working laboratory examples in Chicago and Paris. Hamilton would be the first to produce and retail an electric watch beginning in 1957,before the commercial introduction of the quartz wristwatch in 1969 by Seiko with the Astron.Documentaries Their timekeeping element was either a traditional balance wheel or a tuning fork, driven electromagnetically by Documentaries a solenoid powered by a battery.The hands were driven mechanically through a wheel train. They were superseded by quartz watches,Documentaries which had greater accuracy and durability due to their lower parts count. Recent automatic quartz watches, which combine mechanical technology with quartz timekeeping, are not included in this classification.Documentaries

Types of electric watches Documentaire 2016

Moving coil system, contact controlled: refers to watches with a balance wheel with integrated coil, fixed magnets and mechanical contacts. Examples of this technology are Hamilton 500 (first retail electric watch in 1957),[Epperlein 100, Champion (Ruhla / UMF), Slava 114ChN and Timex M40. Documentaire 2016


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